Ebook: Calculate the ROI of Your Mentoring, Coaching & Employee Development Programs

December 4th, 2013 by Michelle Manson

The ROI of Mentoring, Coaching, and other Employee Development ProgramsIt’s no secret that organizations who invest in their employees are top performers. ¬†Programs like mentoring and coaching are increasingly popular methods for developing an organization’s talent pool. But, how do you know if these programs are effective in improving organizational performance? And how do you know if your investments are paying off?

It turns out there are a number of important factors to consider when calculating your program’s return on investment (ROI): retention, engagement, advancement, program costs, and behavioral change. Learn about these parameters and tips for measuring them in this short ebook. Topics include:

  • The 5 elements you should measure when calculating ROI and why you should measure them
  • Top research facts on investing in your workforce
  • Sample calculations for calculating ROI
  • An ROI readiness checklist

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Written by:

Michelle Manson

Michelle Manson

Michelle writes about all things talent development at Chronus. Primarily focused around helping organizations learn from the success of others, she's committed to promoting program best practices and evangelizing the concept of personalized connections for learning.