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4 Predictions for Talent Development

Happy 2014! We interviewed our top execs to come up with a list of what you’ll see in terms of talent development predictions for the coming year.


As a bonus, here are a few more questions and answers from these interviews that will give you a peek into what to expect.

Q: What will be the most sought-after business skill?

A: “Leadership. Not just at the top, but leadership in mid-layers of organization – where leading teams and groups happens. With the tight economy over the last few years, this is where development has suffered the most. To be successful in the coming years, companies are now realizing they need to invest at this level again to avoid lost skills.” – Steve O’Brian

Q. Will CEOs and co-founders become more focused on human talent? Are they already there?

A: “Yes – CEOs are waking up to the fact they must invest in career development as a fundamental talent acquisition and retention strategy. Increasing competition and new opportunities from improving markets both put pressure to develop and retain organizational talent.” – Vetri Vellore

Q: What HR/talent development innovation will no one see coming?

A: “We see a shift from traditional training solutions like condensed classroom training or self-training using a learning management system (LMS) to “longer form” facilitated training approaches. Facilitated training is a blend of self-learning, guided by trainers, that offers proven advantages in knowledge retention.” – Praerit Garg

Q: Who will be making the primary purchasing decisions in HR technology?

A: “The technology purchase decision remains firmly within the role of HR and business management. We see IT and finance continuing to play supporting roles in the purchase of HR technology solutions.” – Vetri Vellore

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