For most people, being a mentor or a mentee doesn’t come naturally, but everyone has the potential to succeed in a mentoring relationship. Sometimes, it just takes a little guidance.

This video series breaks down the first steps in preparing for mentorship, and provides tips for finding the right mentor to guide you in career growth, skill development, and other avenues of advancement.

How Does a Mentee Find the Right Mentor?

One question we hear all the time is “how do I find the right person to be my mentor?” There are several things to consider about yourself and the person you want to be your mentor before you make the ask. Make sure you’re considering all of these questions before you start your journey.

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How Can a Mentee Ask for Mentorship?

Asking someone to be your mentor can be a bit nerve racking, and sometimes even sweat-inducing, but just remember why you’re doing this – to learn from another person’s experience and ultimately improve yourself. Be sure to prepare yourself ahead of making the ask by answering these important questions.

How Should a Mentee Prepare for the First Meeting?

The first meeting between a mentor and mentee is very important. It’s where you’ll work out the details of your relationship–how often you should meet and how long your mentorship will last. It’s also where you’ll discuss the goals, both of the mentor and mentee, you want to aim to accomplish. Learn what to ask, what to say, and how to set yourself up for success.

How Can a Mentee Develop a Growth Mindset for Greater Mentorship?

Think you can’t teach the adult brain new tricks? Think again. This video breaks down how to build a growth mindset for great mentorship and skill development.


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