We sat down with several participants of the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates mentoring program to ask them how mentoring has impacted their lives. Almost every person’s recollection could be traced back to something in their former school days. Little instances here and there that impacted them over the years. A conversation with a teacher, a coach, or a professor.

It became clear that mentoring wasn’t just something they stumbled upon at Ste. Michelle. It was a movement taking root early on in their young lives and building alongside them as they made their way in the professional world.

What does mentoring mean to you?

I asked every person this question as they sat down in the chair across from me. As an interviewer, you know you’ve hit a good subject when you have to do very little talking or questioning at all. You simply sit back and let people talk about what they’re passionate about.

They’ll go on and on, if you let them. While we’d love to show you all of what they had to say, this video provides a snapshot into the impact of mentoring at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates.