Mentoring Impact: Ste. Michelle Wine Estates Mentors and Mentees Share Their Experiences

We sat down with several participants of the Ste. Michelle Wine Estates mentoring program to ask them how mentoring has impacted their lives. Almost every person’s recollection could be traced back to something in their former school days. Little instances here and there that impacted them over the years. A conversation with a teacher, a coach, or a professor.

It became clear that mentoring wasn’t just something they stumbled upon at Ste. Michelle. It was a movement taking root early on in their young lives and building alongside them as they made their way in the professional world. The formal career mentoring program at Ste. Michelle Wine Estates allows employees to break down departmental silos and share knowledge with each other across locations and job functions. It has helped to increase employee
engagement, and create a better foundation for colleague collaboration.

What does mentoring mean to you?

The use of software allowed the mentoring program admins to build out an initial pilot program of 70 participants, launch the first cohort of mentorships at Chateau Ste. Michelle, and then triple the program to more than 250 participants across the winery collection, encompassing employees from across 70 estates.

Ste. Michelle’s mentoring program has helped employees integrate within the culture of the company. The broad reach of the program allowed particpants to share knowledge of workplace operations, advance in skill development, and grow closer together as a Ste. Michelle community.

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