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Mentoring Software Helps Companies Drive Business Objectives

Author and speaker Vince Reardon recently featured Chronus on his BlogTalkRadio program, “Mentoring Today.” Nic Chambers, Chronus’ Vice President of Business Development, joined him to explain how organizations benefit from using software to run mentoring and other career development programs.

Chambers said, “When I think about these organizations and why they’re interested [in mentoring], it’s all about offering career development to their employees. By investing in the careers of their employees, they’re able to engage and retain their most critical investment, which as we know is their employees.”

He also explained how companies are using mentoring as a method to achieve different kinds of career development initiatives such as leadership development, high potential training, reverse mentoring, or general career development. Often, these initiatives are directly related to fulfilling business objectives.

Reardon stated, “Chronus is onto something really cool. The matching, monitoring, managing, and measuring of these mentoring relationships are vital to their success.”
Listen now to learn more about the current state of mentoring in the workplace as well as how Chronus is changing the way companies use their mentoring programs to achieve greater employee engagement and drive career development initiatives.

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