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New Features Extend Value of Chronus

Bulk Matching Closeup 2Mentoring is like ice cream—there are many flavors to choose from. The “best” flavor depends on what your organization wants to achieve. A key reason customers choose Chronus, is our ability to support a wide variety of mentoring program formats. So it is exciting when we come across new opportunities to meet customer needs and further expand the flexibility and richness of the Chronus platform. Here are two new ways to use Chronus.

Session-based Mentoring: Whereas most mentoring formats are relationship-based, involving long-term goals and mutual commitments, session-based mentoring gives protégés as-needed, topic-oriented access to mentors’ expertise. This style of mentoring is appropriate in situations where the mentoring focus is narrow and highly focused.

There are many uses of session-based mentoring, such as an onboarding program in which employees have access to multiple mentors, scheduling mentoring sessions at the point of need.  Employees find mentors based on topics of interest, using the intelligent matching feature to find topical experts and schedule one or more sessions as needed using the Chronus calendar.

Bulk Matching: Imagine pairing a thousand mentors and mentees in a matter of minutes. This is a terrific new feature for mentoring programs in which the program administrator directly matches participants. Bulk matching enables program administrators to evaluate and create multiple matches simultaneously.

Here is how it works: the administrator defines the pool of candidates to be matched. Then Chronus automatically optimizes matches and recommends match pairings across the entire pool. The administrator can accept recommended matches or make changes with complete control. Once finalized, the administrator can instantly activate the entire cohort of mentoring connections.

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