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Workplace Mentoring Solutions Drive Powerful Employee Engagement

Improve your employee development initiatives with a mentoring program. Workplace mentoring is a proven, cost-effective strategy to engage employees around proactive career planning, leadership development, diversity, and reverse mentoring initiatives. Read on to see whether mentoring fits any of your needs.

Career Mentoring

Career mentoring engages employees around proactive career planning to provide them with direction, set goals, learn new skills, and gain valuable insight and advice from others in your organization. Career mentoring programs:

  • Improve employee job performance
  • Increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention rates
  • Prepare employees for advancement
Mentoring Employee Career Development

Leadership Development

Successful programs go beyond exposing potential leaders to senior members of the organization—they engage high performers and create opportunities for learning through current leaders who can push them to excel and become an integral part of the leadership succession plan. Mentoring for leadership development:

  • Prepares your next generation of company leadership
  • Ensures leadership value continuity by using existing leaders to develop a new generation of high potentials
  • Encourages employee retention as top performers take advantage of learning and development opportunities
Mentoring Leadership Development

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Diversity & Inclusion

Mentoring is a widely used tool within diversity programs because it connects employees, builds development and communication networks, and spreads ideas across the company. Mentoring programs for diversity and inclusion can:

  • Create a culture of support and inclusion
  • Increase promotion rates of target groups
  • Enhance the organization’s ability to compete in global markets
Workplace Mentoring Diversity

Reverse Mentoring

Reverse mentoring engages all layers of the organization as younger workers teach more senior workers new skills around fast-emerging areas such as technology. Reverse mentoring programs:

  • Foster a knowledge-sharing culture
  • Encourage knowledge transfer between soon-to-retire baby boomers and younger employees
  • Boost engagement and retention among employees of all ages
Reverse Mentoring

The Challenges of Running Employee Development Programs

Many career mentoring programs are manually run with spreadsheets and sometimes SharePoint. Challenges we typically see with these programs include:

  • Time-consuming mentor matching and manual program tracking
  • Drop-off in program participation after initial excitement
  • Vague mentoring workflows without defined goals
  • Inability to easily report and share results for program visibility
  • Difficulty in managing multiple programs simultaneously
  • Limiting home-grown programs that can be complicated to scale

Solve these issues and take your employee development to the next level with mentoring software.

Mentoring Software Makes Running
Employee Development Programs Easy

Start a new program or revitalize an existing program with mentoring software. Purpose-built to manage the workflow of a mentoring program, software guides you and your participants through an employee development program for productive learning and measurable results. Mentoring software delivers:

  • The ability to help employees help themselves, such as self-shopping for a mentor and following workflow guidelines, for participation and productive learning
  • Reduced admin time and cost with software tools that streamline and automate day-to-day program management
  • The ability to start with a pilot program and scale as needed to more participants, more departments, and more locations
  • Easy access to program metrics that demonstrate successes to leadership

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