Mentoring Software for Easy, Effective Programs

Enable your participant of the mentoring program with our mobile appsHarness the power of mentoring to engage and develop people potential. Chronus Mentor software makes it easy to start, manage and measure high-impact mentoring programs that provide measurable results while simplifying program administration.

Easy Program Management

  • Save admin time and effort with automated workflows
  • Streamline connection requests and communications with automated messages
  • Track and monitor progress with dashboards and alerts
Simplified Mentoring Program Management

Drive Productive Mentoring

  • Ensure program success with guided engagements built on best practices
  • Match based on mentee learning needs and preferences with intelligent matching
  • Drive participant engagement and learning with mobile mentoring access, community resources, and more
Productive Mentoring

Track and Measure Program Success

  • Measure results at the program, mentoring connection and individual level
  • Interpret results with powerful reporting features
  • Assess impact with participant surveying
Product Customization

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Mentoring is an effective platform for addressing key talent and career development initiatives, including: