Easy, Effective Mentoring Programs

Tech.2013_Gold_Hi_ResWith Chronus Mentor, you can create dynamic online mentoring programs that are easy to start, manage, and measure. Drive participant engagement and simplify program administration for a more productive mentoring experience.

Simplified program management

Simplified Mentoring Program Management
  • Match participants quickly
  • Automate communications
  • Monitor engagement and progress


More productive mentoring

Productive Mentoring
  • Automated workflows guide the process
  • Enable engagement any time, any place
  • Capture ongoing participant feedback


Configurable to your needs

Product Customization
  • Choose from several mentoring models
  • Customize appearance and settings
  • Scale program for any number of users
  • Integrate data with your existing HR management system

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Mentoring is an effective platform for addressing key talent and career development initiatives, including: