Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Meet the Chronus Leadership Team

Industry veterans with a passion for making mentoring programs successful.

Seena Mortazavi

Seena Mortazavi, CEO

As Chronus’ CEO, Seena is a passionate executive who leads strategy, oversees business and financial operations, and explores how software can impact the talent development world.

Scott Urstad, Vice President of Customer Success

Scott Urstad, Vice President of Customer Success

As Vice President of Customer Success, Scott is a highly energetic leader who enables a team of trusted customer success advisors, implementation specialists and technical services providers to ensure every mentoring program successfully deploys and matures into a sustainable mentoring culture within each organization.

Lydia Frank, VP of Marketing

Lydia Frank, Vice President of Marketing

As Vice President of Marketing, Lydia uses the art and science of strategic storytelling to showcase the incredible power of mentorship in developing employees, transforming organizational culture from the inside out and ensuring every employee feels connected to and supported by their organization.

Scott Martin

Scott Martin, Vice President of Sales

As Vice President of Sales, Scott leads the sales team in providing both expertise and advocacy for mentoring to prospective and existing customers. He oversees the drive to enable new organizations with mentoring, while growing and scaling the culture of engagement in existing customers.

Philip Cherian, Director of Product Management

Philip Cherian, Director of Product Management

As Director of Product Management, Philip leads the product management team to ensure alignment of Chronus’ top product priorities: providing customer value by enabling people to learn and grow, as well as creating and communicating a clear product vision and strategy.

Sabarish Sankar

Sabarish Sankar, Director of Engineering

As the Director of Engineering, Sabarish is responsible for defining long-term engineering strategies and roadmaps towards building highly scalable software products that delight customers and end-users alike.

Arun Kumar Arjunan, Director of Operations and IT

Arun Kumar Arjunan, Director of Operations & IT

As the Director of Operations, Arun manages technical processes including managing Chronus’ information security and quality control.

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