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Housing industry-leading thought leadership, mentoring best practices and mentorship skill-building content, Chronus Institute® is a resource arena for your mentoring program needs.

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Don’t Leave Your Mentors and Mentees to Wing It

Mentoring helps individuals realize their potential and organizations thrive. But many organizations today aren’t equipping their participants with the right skills or expectations. Without the right training, mentoring impact could be left to chance. For organizations, training mentors and mentees with Chronus Institute® not only helps participants develop the skills they need to be effective, it also ensures a consistent mentorship experience across the organization.


Organizations would not rank their
mentors as highly effective


Organizations don’t provide formal
training to their mentors

As your partner, we help you elevate your
mentoring culture and achieve impactful business results.

Market-defining mentoring software meets industry-leading best practices, training,
resources and support, resulting in successful business outcomes.

Chronus Courses

Create self-paced training that matches your unique culture or use ours.

Thought Leadership

Tap into unique insights as we continue to learn from our incredible customers.

Admin Best Practices

Leverage resources that help you run programs effectively and efficiently.

Speakers Bureau

Hear from industry experts on mentoring trends and best practices.

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What is Chronus Courses?

In an industry first, Chronus Courses allows customers to offer self-paced, guided learning around mentorship to program participants. Create training that matches your unique culture or use the pre-existing courses curated by our mentoring experts.

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Don’t Leave Your Mentoring Impact to Chance

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