Academic Mentoring:
The Value of Educational Mentoring

Mentoring is a helpful strategy universities and colleges can provide to connect them with people who can show them new skills, grow their knowledge and encourage them to pursue their goals and ambitions.

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Academic Mentoring

Benefits of  Academic Mentoring

One of the main goals of universities is to help students thrive and succeed in any way they can, preparing them for the real world after graduation. Whether it’s skills, knowledge or confidence, colleges have started offering these mentorship programs to give students a head start on the “real world” ahead of them. Whether it’s preparing students to pursue the career of their dreams or inspiring alumni to give back to their alma mater by helping students network within their chosen field, mentoring is vital to student growth.


Increase in Student Persistence


Increase in Job Placement


Increase in Graduation Rate

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“We run several different mentoring programs at our organization through Chronus and it offers the flexibility we need. We have different audiences, program cadences, and different ways of matching. Chronus gives us the flexibility to customize for our program needs, but also look at data consistently across all programs to measure collective impact.”

Deirdre Schreiber, Senior Training Program Manager, Harvard University

Academic Mentoring Formats

University mentoring can take many forms, each with its own unique benefits. Here are the most popular types of university mentoring programs we’ve seen:

Academic Mentoring Formats

Academic Mentoring Resources

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