Academic Flash Mentoring: One-Time Student Mentor

Academic Flash Mentoring

Benefits of Flash Mentoring

With so many things competing for a student’s attention, flash mentoring, short term mentoring or one-time mentoring, provides a focused opportunity for students to engage with peers and alumni, fostering their professional connections and skills for the future. It also provides the opportunity for alumni to reconnect with their alma matter, giving back through the power of mentoring. It is a valuable learning opportunity that helps a student and alumni build skills and industry knowledge they’ll need to be successful alumnus and professionals moving forward.

  • Provide students with advice and networks for a more competitive career placement
  • Engage a larger pool of alumni through shorter time commitments
  • Increase retention by supporting the transition into student life

“Students who sign up for a mentor are 14% more likely to stay in college, and 13% more likely to graduate college after four years.”

National Bureau of Economic Research

Software For Flash Mentoring

Customize Matching

Matching individual mentors and mentees across an entire academic program or alumni network can be time consuming and filled with spreadsheets. With Chronus’ MatchIQ® algorithm, easy to complete profiles and customizable criteria make sure students find the right mentor for their customized career goals, specified functional skills, or preferred industries.

Track Mentoring Program Outcomes

Manually keeping track of participant feedback and mentoring session data can be cumbersome. Through meeting reminders, follow-ups and customizable surveys, Chronus software stays on top of user participation and engagement within the mentoring program, producing timely data and qualitative feedback.

Reduce Dedicated Admin Time

Admins have many priorities above and beyond a mentoring program. Chronus mentorship software requires minimal admin oversight while maintaining stable and impactful student and alumni engagement across the institution.

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