Working at Chronus


Why Work for Us?

At Chronus, we’re true believers in the power of learning through others and how technology can help drive it. This is what we’re working for: a world in which people connect with each other, share information, and create a positive impact.

By working with many of the world’s most respected companies and schools, we’ve learned about what it takes to create a team of high-achievers who are passionate about improving the world. Working at Chronus isn’t a typical day job, but rather, an opportunity to learn and grow by contributing to a fast-growing company eager to make a strong impact in the mentoring space.

“Joining the Chronus team means working with a group of extremely bright and highly motivated people that are ready to step up to any challenge and work smarter. We pride ourselves on our ability to think outside the box and find innovative solutions to complex problems.” – Seena Mortazavi, CEO

Join Us

Many of the world’s most respected companies have chosen Chronus to drive learning at their organizations. We’re excited about inviting people like you to be part of our team as we continue to grow and enrich other people’s lives.

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