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Employee Career Mentoring

Benefits of Career Mentoring

Organizations want to enable employee development – it leads to improved retention, engagement and knowledge transfer. But many HR teams find it difficult to implement comprehensive programs when they’re faced with many different priorities and limited time. Career mentoring is an impactful solution for effective, self-driven employee development, especially with the growing population of millennials who value the opportunity for growth.

  • Improve employee retention
  • Enable employees to take ownership of their development
  • Deliver cost-effective, scalable programs with constrained HR resources
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“Professional growth and career development is the number one driver of successful engagement and retention among Millennial employees.”

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Software for Career Mentoring

Guide Your Employee Development

Career mentoring doesn’t just happen – it requires active participation through proven steps that map to participants’ unique career objectives. Keep mentoring participants active with our mentorship software’s built-in, step-by-step guidance that enables a productive development experience, thus keeping employee engagement high and organizational talent healthy.

Measure Mentoring Impact

With participants self-driving their career development programs, collecting and compiling performance information into a digestible format can be a huge time burden. Software allows you to easily measure program health and outcomes with surveys and tracking tools, so you can actively see participant progress and map program impact to key business goals.

Personalized Matching

An employee’s development needs are as varied as the employees themselves, making it impossible for HR to understand the complexity of each participant’s career goals to facilitate a meaningful mentoring connection. With Chronus software’s MatchIQ® technology, employees can self-match to connect with mentors who are aligned with their specific development needs, resulting in better career mentoring outcomes for participants.

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