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Reverse Mentoring Program

Reverse Mentoring

Benefits of Reverse Mentoring

Senior leaders possess valuable tribal knowledge and decades of experience. But understanding millennial and Gen Z employees, shifts in their workforce and the latest technology trends can be challenging. More and more, companies are turning to reverse mentoring, a model that pairs more experienced employees with younger employees in a 1-1 or in a group setting, to strengthen senior leaders and executive teams. With this type of mentoring, both employees and leaders benefit, with leaders gaining a more nuanced understanding of the millennial workforce and picking up skills that their tech-savvy colleagues consider second nature, while junior millennial employees gain valuable macro-level insights and perspectives.

  • Enable knowledge sharing between boomers, millennials and Gen Zers
  • Deepen connections between employees and senior management
  • Foster feedback more fully across departments and functions
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“Reverse-mentoring programs provide Millennials with the transparency and recognition that they’re seeking from management. “

Professor of Leadership & Organizational Behavior, IMD

Software for Reverse Mentoring

Match Participants Efficiently

Senior managers tend to be busy, but Chronus lets you make the most of everyone’s time, including your own. Users can import data from LinkedIn to quickly setup profiles while MatchIQ® technology makes it easy to find the best match based on your program’s unique and specific criteria.

Provide Focus with Guided Plans

Reverse mentoring needs to be an efficient use of senior leaders’ time in order to maintain a high level of executive engagement. Chronus enables program administrators to provide high-level guidance for participants with guided plans that provide a framework for the relationship, encouraging productivity and continued learning.

Measure Reverse Mentoring Impact

When a mentoring program includes executives, proving program value is essential. Software makes collecting and compiling program metrics a low effort task with easy-to-use tracking tools and built-in surveys to measure knowledge transfer and make sure program goals are being met.

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