Why High Potential Mentoring?

Retaining your high potentials is a key factor in continuing your organization’s success. A healthy pipeline of talent with the right knowledge, capabilities and leadership aptitude enables organizations to stay competitive. However, with the war for talent in full swing, high potentials expect investment in their development and their organizational engagement is essential to retaining them. Mentoring is an impactful way to solve this. A PwC study found 35 percent of millennials said they were attracted to employers who offer excellent training and development programs and saw it as the top benefit they wanted from an employer, with working with qualified coaches and mentors being the highest valued development opportunity.

With high potential mentoring, you can:

  • Improve retention of key contributors
  • Deepen your leadership bench strength
  • Provide critical career development experiences

86% of business & HR leaders believe they don’t have an adequate leadership pipeline.End Quote
– Bersin

Software for High Potential Mentoring

Guide High Potential Development

Give your high potentials the critical development experiences that keep them engaged with your organization and building key skillsets for tomorrow. With Chronus software, high potentials progress through a step-by-step guided mentoring plan, helping them to get the most out of their mentorship with company leadership mapped to key goals.

Guidng Mentoring Program

Manage Leadership Connections

High potentials and their mentors, who are generally executive leaders, are busy. Chronus software enables a productive development program that respects the time of mentors and mentees by establishing availability schedules to ensure the optimal amount of time is allotted for mentoring, preventing program burnout.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

Measure High Potential Mentoring Results

Chronus software provides an extensive admin toolset that makes high potential mentoring easy to administrate and measure. Progress tracking and outcome reporting capabilities allow you to check on the relationship, track the connection and export reports to share with your leadership.

Impact of a Mentoring Program

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