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Mentor Mentee Matching

Successful mentoring starts with high-quality mentor matching

Chronus software with MatchIQ® technology makes it easy to create effective mentor and mentee matches with proven methodology and an intelligent matching algorithm.

Rich Mentor & Mentee Profiles

Create rich profiles in minutes, full of detailed information for mentorship matching and reporting. With Chronus, mentors and mentees can quickly create their own profiles or you can import profile data from your HRIS, LMS or other database.

Rich mentee and mentor profiles allows accurate mentor matching based on multiple characteristics
Texas AM University

“I love the ability to schedule messaging and reminders. The matching algorithm has been such a life saver. I can’t imagine running a mentorship program without Chronus.”

Texas A&M University

Recommended Mentor Matches

Chronus mentoring software with MatchIQ® technology, a sophisticated matching algorithm, enables automated recommendations for high-potential mentor matches. Enable participants to take ownership of their mentoring connections with the right matching criteria. The Chronus platform leverages numerous mentee and mentor profile attributes and matching criteria – configured specifically to your program, including:

  • Career interests, development goals, skills gaps or assessed job competencies
  • Policies that control matching based on participant status, job level, mentor availability and many others
  • Refined search options by individual preferences such as topical expertise, shared interest or language fluency
  • DEI criteria to match mentoring relationships across gender, ethnicity, background, location and beyond for more inclusive mentoring
Easily match participants with our mentor matching algorithm

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Multiple Matching Models

Choose your preferred mentoring journey! Chronus software with MatchIQ® technology supports several matching models.

  • Self matching enables your participants to find mentors and groups themselves, based on their preferences.
  • Admin matching allows program managers to create matches on behalf of participants and is common among leadership and academic program formats.
  • Bulk matching is a great time-saver. It allows program managers to match hundreds of program participants at the same time.
  • Hybrid matching is a combination of the above matching types, when one type alone is not diverse enough to fit the needs of a program.
Chronus software supports multiple matching models

Built with DEI in mind

Create equitable mentoring connections and matches with features focused on removing unconscious bias and breaking down silos, such as: Hiding Unanswered Profile Fields, Personalized Recommendations and Diversity Dashboard. Work with DEI thought leaders and innovators to build and share best practices when creating and managing DEI mentoring programs.

Built with DEI in mind

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