Accelerate Your People Development with Seamless Integrations

Chronus’ industry-leading integrations enable enterprise organizations to seamlessly connect mentoring relationships and ERGs with existing systems and platforms.

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Chronus Integrations

Uninterrupted Communication & Collaboration

By incorporating integrations, the Chronus platform can streamline workflows, simplify data sharing, and improve overall productivity.

Easily Synchronize Your People Data

Chronus software seamlessly integrates with top HRIS (Human Resource Information System) and SIS (Student Information System) systems to simplify data management, enhance accuracy and reduce the need for manual data entry when it comes to participant profiles. Experience a smooth and efficient mentoring or ERG program from enrollment to measurement with Chronus.

Easily Synchronize People Data with Your Program

Enhance Participant Communication

At Chronus, our software integrates effortlessly with popular communication platforms, ensuring a hassle-free and unified experience for mentors, mentees, ERG members, admins and beyond. These innovations allow participants to have the FULL Chronus software experience without leaving platforms such as Teams and Slack. Chronus also offers built-in video conferencing capabilities through our Virtual Meet feature. These seamless integrations fosters better connectivity, promote engagement and provide a common ground for users to connect and collaborate effectively.

Enhance Mentor-Mentee Communication

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Make Scheduling Meetings Effortless

The Chronus platform streamlines the scheduling process for participants with calendar integrations. These innovative functionalities enable two-way calendar sync between users, ensuring efficient time management and hassle-free meeting arrangements. This seamless coordination improves mentor-mentee and ERG member collaboration, driving impactful development and outcomes.

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Make Scheduling Meetings Effortless

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