How To Measure Mentoring Success & Results

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Measure Mentoring Results

Easily Measure Mentoring Success

Every mentoring program has a purpose, but how do you know your program has achieved it? The Chronus platform offers robust analytical reporting to easily establish benchmarks and track essential success metrics (retention, advancement, engagement) to drive optimal outcomes and achieve business objectives.

Track mentoring progress

As participants move through the program, keep a pulse on how they’re doing. Better understand who’s matching, meeting and engaging. The Admin Dashboard allows administrators to see:

  • Current enrolled users
  • Published and unpublished profiles
  • Program match rate
  • Activity and engagement levels
  • And more!

Whether you’re reviewing one individual program or evaluating your global mentoring strategy, the Chronus platform makes it easy to view the progress of all mentoring connections in one place.

Measure mentoring success and progress across programs and track

Assess and analyze program health

Chronus provides deep data analytics and proprietary Executive Dashboards that highlight mentoring’s ROI for your executive stakeholders. Set up real time alerts for dips in engagement, measure activity and understand current satisfaction vs. long-term trends. Segment and configure data for actionable results to improve your mentoring impact over time with the help of essential reports such as:

  • Program Outcomes
  • Match Report
  • Diversity Report
  • Activity Report
Assess and analyze program health

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Measurable mentoring success and outcomes

Use our comprehensive surveys and reports to assess mentoring outcomes and program feedback. Better understand engagement with analytics that indicate how often participants communicate and through proper integrations with HRIS and collaboration platforms – what method, system or tool. Connect your outcomes to the business impact, showcasing retention, advancement, DEI, and beyond.

Measurable outcomes

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