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Major Hospital Charts Leadership Development Through Employee Mentoring

Looking for a way to promote retention while also supporting leadership development and organizational integration, one large, academic hospital turned to employee mentoring. In the last five years, the hospital has started more than six different programs for over 1,500 participants, resulting in improvements to:

  • retention
  • advancement
  • diversity, equity and inclusion metrics

I have encouraged my coworkers to join the mentoring program as mentees. This program shows initiative and helps mentees map out a career here.
– Mentee

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Amazon Creates New Employee Pathways with Mentorship

Amazon Creates New Employee Pathways with Mentorship

Amazon launched the Amazon Mentoring Program (AMP) in partnership with Chronus in 2016. The program has grown 750% since its first year. What started with 18,800 users now supports 160,000 employees globally.

See how they grew their mentoring strategy to more than 100 programs serving 160,000 employees while focusing on:

  • employee sentiment
  • satisfaction
  • advancement

One of the greatest benefits of utilizing Chronus for AMP is the ability to create scalable, custom solutions, that meet the needs of our most important customers: our employees. Once connected, all users are provided a prescriptive connection plan that includes resources, training, and steps both mentors and mentees can take to achieve their goals.
Melony Menard, Senior Program Manager, Amazon

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McGrawHill case study

McGraw Hill Partners with Chronus to Help Employees “Stretch Forward” with Mentoring

McGraw Hill established a career mentoring program as part of it’s “Stretch Forward” development initiative in order to provide personalized attention and a structure for employee learning. Mentoring partnerships created optimal conditions for further growth, helping employees develop professionally and make greater contributions to McGraw Hill. With the help of the Chronus mentoring platform, the program was able to:

  • Increase the number of mentees served
  • Reduce mentoring participation derailments
  • Help participants acquire new knowledge and improve job effectiveness

I knew we needed formal mentoring, and that we couldn’t afford to do it the way it had been done in the past—manually matching mentees to mentors with robust input from HR business partners and leaders, and high touch partnership check-ins throughout the year. We needed a platform that could do the heavy lifting for us.
Melissa Janis, Global Head of Leadership and Organizational Development, McGraw Hill

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When Employee Loyalty Isn’t a Given: Cox Automotive Relies on Chronus Mentoring to Retain and Promote Employees

Cox Automotive developed a formal and structured career mentoring program to develop and move employees through the talent pipeline, rather than risk them looking for opportunities outside of the company. Within two years, the Chronus-powered program was able to:

  • Increase retention rates for participants
  • Improve promotion rates

Over the next three years, I would like to see us become a cross-divisional
program that allows users from multiple Cox Enterprise companies to access one platform and grow it to four times what it is today. In doing this, I think we can tie the program to our performance review process, making it a more integral part of our talent management and development initiative at Cox Automotive.
Stephanie Lambers, Senior Manager of Global Leadership Development, Cox Automotive

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Paychex Case Study

Paychex’s High-Potential Mentoring Elevates Women Leaders

With women making up 60 percent of the employee population, Paychex wanted to build greater job progression for women in their workforce. Mentoring was an essential component to this strategy. By creating a career mentoring program for high-potential women, Paychex was able to:

  • Raise the retention rate for participants
  • Increase the likelihood of job band change for women employees

We looked at a few solution providers, and Chronus bubbled right to the top. Their matching algorithm put us at ease when it came to matching our high-potential female employees with the right mentors to help them succeed.
Michael Pieri, Senior Project Manager of Leadership
and Organizational Development, Paychex

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Case Study UC Boulder

University of Colorado Engages Students and Alumni in a Pipeline of Mentoring

The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, developed multiple mentoring programs to achieve two key goals for students and alumni:

  • Provide individualized professional development and career support for students
  • Form stronger connections with alumni

Chronus has provided us with the personalized approach we needed for our mentoring program success.
Katie Connor, Director, Leeds Mentoring Office, University of Colorado, Boulder

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Medline Case Study

Medline’s New Onboarding Software Solution: Chronus

Medline, the leading provider of medical supplies and clinical solutions, believes a positive onboarding experience is key to improving employee satisfaction and morale. They decided to upgrade their new hire training program, which consists of 285 employees participating in 11 different tracks.

Most of the sales reps I talk to love Chronus. The new system allows for greater transparency, giving our sales trainers and managers real-time access to the reps’ progress. And not only do I see their progress, but our sales training leaders and our managers can see it too.
Daniel Plyman, Training & Development Manager, Medline

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Gates Millenium Scholars Case Study

Gates Millennium Scholars Program Integrates Mentoring For Student Success

Every year, the Gates Millennium Scholars program receives an influx of 1000 new students. They wished to connect their students and alumni in long-lasting relationships and needed software that was cutting edge and included social media elements to interest and engage today’s millennial students.

We are very impressed with the program, and our sponsors at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation are impressed with the level of involvement we’ve been able to achieve with our mentoring program.
Kelvin Harris, Senior Relationship Manager, Gates Millennium Scholars Program

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Case Study SPE Thumbnail

Society of Petroleum Engineers Grows Career Mentoring Program with Chronus

The Society of Petroleum Engineers’ eMentoring Program gives members a way to contribute to the oil and gas E&P sector by sharing industry insights and practical career advice. With over 164,000 association members, SPE needed software to scale its program and lower administration time.

I think one of the major benefits to using Chronus is that I manage most of the data, the updates, the surveys, the notifications and the emails. As I get feedback from our members, I can change how I communicate with them based on that feedback.
Sandy Wilson, eMentoring, SPE Foundation and Member Benefits Administrator,
Society of Petroleum Engineers

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