Mentoring Circles & The Benefits of Mentorship

Mentoring Circles

Benefits of Mentoring Circles

One of the most important factors in business success is a learning culture where employees willingly share skills and knowledge1. Mentoring circles encourage employees to do just that. A mentoring circle is a peer-to-peer mentoring format that enables employees to find peers who share common interests or learning objectives, and develop and learn together as a group. In the process, participants become more engaged as they learn and bond with employees across the organization. Since they are employee driven, circles require less administration and are highly scalable.

  • Build intra-organizational personal relationships
  • Facilitate collaborative learning and knowledge sharing
  • Drive career development by increasing employees’ functional expertise and skillsets
Successful Onboarding book - "Engaged workers are more customer-focused and profitable, and less likely to leave their employer." Applicable to mentoring circles, career mentoring and onboarding.

“Engaged workers are more customer-focused and profitable, and less likely to leave their employer.”

Stein and Christiansen

Software for Mentoring Circles

Create a Mentoring Marketplace

Give employees an easy way to browse and create their own circles for a fully employee driven program without having to update the list manually. With Chronus software’s mentoring circle marketplace, a central listing of available circles allows employees to find the circle that’s right for them without burdening program administrators.

Guide the Group Learning

With the breadth of circles within each organization, manually guiding each mentoring circle individually is unrealistic. Instead, Chronus gives the circle leads and participants the tools, framework and best practices they need to progress and learn effectively.

Minimize Administration Time

Mentoring circles have many moving parts, which is a lot to manage, even for a dedicated administrator. With Chronus software, circles are low-touch programs requiring only a couple of hours of administration per week. The circles marketplace automatically reflects changes in circle availability, which means employees can join circles and drive the learning experience without creating manual work for the administrator.

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