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Connecting People In An Isolated World

In this time of physical distancing, human connection has been made even more critical. People are experiencing an unprecedented and abrupt transition to working, learning and connecting remotely, whether they feel ready for it or not. How can leaders act quickly to foster those connections and ensure people feel supported? One way is to introduce a virtual mentoring program to create deep, purposeful relationships from afar. While some organizations will face harder times than others in the coming months, there is one thing that binds us all together and that is the basic need to connect with one another. Learn how to implement this virtual mentorship strategy in your organization.

Virtual Mentoring in Times of Crisis

Virtual Mentoring in a Time of Crisis: Lessons from the Pandemic

In this webinar, you’ll learn how much social isolation is costing individuals and organizations, and why building morale is imperative.

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Empathy First: How Your Virtual Mentoring Programs Should Shift

Learn tips for how to conduct mentoring conversations and increase active listening, as well as how to adjust to goals of your program.

Watch Webinar’s The State of Coaching & Mentoring 2020 Report

Take a closer look at what fuels and hinders effective coaching and mentoring, potential best practices, and what the future holds.

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Drop in Employee Engagement During a Crisis


Increase in Desire for Recognition During a Crisis


Engaged Workers Claim Fewer Quality Defects


Cost of Lonelier Workers
to Employers
-New Economics Foundation

Best Practices for Running Virtual Mentoring Programs

Proactively Check In

When participants are virtual or remote, program owners should be checking in regularly. Sending updates about the program reminds participants of their commitment to the mentorship program and helps them feel connected to what’s going on outside of their mentoring connection. Emails and digital nudges are a great way to prompt mentors and mentees to engage. [Read Article]

Emphasize Connection Tools

Reiterate the connection formats supported within your mentorship program, such as instant messengers like Slack, video conferencing through Zoom or Skype or good old-fashioned telephone calls. Connective tools can help bridge the digital gap during uncertain times. These tools help drive mentoring connectivity and reduce isolation for remote workers when it matters most. [Read Article]

Engage Non-Participants

Mentoring can provide great emotional support during tumultuous times. Reach out to non-participants or those in your mentorship program who have yet to be matched with a mentor or mentee. Reminding them of this organization-provided outlet can help overcome any inertia that might have been delaying their participation.

Provide Helpful Resources

Whether it’s conversation starters, goal templates, articles or forums, give your mentors and mentees the resources needed to be productive within their mentoring relationships. By providing the right tools, you can help remove barriers for your participants. Not sure what your mentors and mentees need at this time? Don’t hesitate to ask them.

Additional Tips for Running Virtual Mentorship Programs for Remote Employees

How Chronus Enables Virtual Mentoring

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Video Meetings

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Expert Support

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Executive Dashboard

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Tips for Virtual Mentors and Mentees

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Tips for Cultivating a Virtual Connection

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How to Discuss Sensitive Topics with a Mentor
or Mentee

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Running Productive Mentoring Meetings

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How Can We Help Your
Virtual Mentoring Program?

Consider virtual mentorship as one of the key avenues to connect people and cut through this era of social distancing and isolation. If you’re unsure of where to start, or need help transitioning your existing mentorship program to a virtual one, the Chronus team can provide you tips and best practices or guide you through our platform.

Speak to a Mentoring Expert

Fast Company

“Going forward, virtual mentoring is a key investment for companies to build talent capability.”
– Tammy Perkins, Chief People Officer, PMI Worldwide

Harvard Business Review

“Mentors play a pivotal role in safeguarding retention and building organizational commitment, particularly in times of crisis.”
– David G. Smith and W. Brad Johnson, Athena Rising: How and Why Men Should Mentor Women

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