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Why Extended Onboarding?

When it comes to successfully onboarding new employees, traditional orientation just isn’t enough to adequately engage new hires and get them off to a fast start. Organizations with a weak onboarding process translate into slow time to productivity and attrition for their new hires. In fact, in organizations without formal onboarding a full third of external hires are no longer with their organization after two years1. To address this, many organizations are turning to extended onboarding, which is a continued employee learning program over a window of time integrated with on-the-job experiences to provide maximum learning impact.

With extended onboarding in place, you’ll ensure your new hires:

  • Achieve productivity quicker
  • Stay at your organization longer
  • Gain deeper job-related knowledge to perform better

Effective onboarding can shorten the time it takes for the average employee to achieve expected productivity levels.End Quote
– Stein and Christiansen

Software for Extended Onboarding

Guide an Accelerated Learning Experience

Creating an effective and engaging learning structure for new hires utilizing an integrated training approach that is specific to their role is easier said than done. Chronus’ flexible software lets you create custom guided learning plans for various positions across your organization, enabling a scalable role and trainer specific learning experience to help new hires gain a deeper understanding of job-related knowledge.

Guiding Mentoring Program

Automate Trainer and New Hire Matches

Extended onboarding is not a one-size-fits-all process. That’s why we developed MatchIQ® technology within our software to help you find the best match for each new employee and automate the assignment to the trainer.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

Track and Measure New Hire Progress

Every new hire has a unique pace of learning and developing core competencies. Chronus software lets you assess where employees are and track their unique progress while assessing overall program performance to ensure the program is optimized for maximum results.

Impact of a Mentoring Program

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Customer Spotlight

In the spirit of continuous improvement, Medline decided to upgrade their training method to create a positive onboarding experience with the goal to improve employee satisfaction and morale. The extended onboarding program allows for greater transparency within the organization and makes people accountable.
Medline Case Study

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1 Stein and Christiansen, 2010

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