Non-profit Mentoring

Whether it’s career guidance, emotional support or human connection, mentoring within a non-profit organization provides a vital avenue for development and growth.

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Non Profit Mentoring

Why Non-profit Mentoring?

Mentoring provides the opportunity for non-profits to thrive through sharing and collaboration. Whether focused on employees, youth participants or organization members, non-profit mentoring can help people feel safe, guided and more personally connected to the overall mission.


Young Adults With a Mentor are 130% More Likely to Hold Leadership Positions


More Likely to be Enrolled in College


Increase in Program Engagement

Non-profit Mentoring Formats

Non-profit mentoring can take many forms, each with its own unique benefits. Here are the most popular types of non-profit mentoring programs we’ve seen:

  • Non-profit Peer Mentoring
  • Non-profit Mentoring Circles
  • Non-profit Career Mentoring
Non Profit Mentoring Formats

Academic Mentoring Resources

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