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Chronus software makes it easy to start, manage, and measure a modern mentoring program. Organizations worldwide depend on our mentoring software to produce more successful program outcomes and drive strategic value across all modern mentoring programs. From career development and diversity mentoring, to extended onboarding and peer coaching, Chronus software helps you across multitudes of mentoring program types and uses.

Chronus mentoring software offers you:

  • Easy mentor-mentee matching with MatchIQ® Technology
  • Productive learning with measurable outcomes
  • Cost-efficient, streamlined program management
  • A comprehensive mobile experience, including iOS and Android apps, helping to drive program engagement

With the inclusion of our 5 Star Service, Chronus’ cloud-based software is a complete package that makes modern mentoring easy for you while creating an impact on your organizational goals.

Enable your participant of the mentoring program with our mobile apps

Drive Impactful Mentoring Outcomes With Software

Chronus mentoring software enables organizations to create successful mentorships.


Mentoring Program Growth


Return on Investment


Increase in Promotion Rates


Increase in Program Engagement

Mentoring Software Features

Software enables organizations to automate, scale, and expand mentoring programs.

Easy to Configure

Built-in flexibility to help you design a mentoring program as unique as your organization.

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Match Participants

MatchIQ® technology creates effective matches with an intelligent matching algorithm.

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Guide Participants

Provide the needed structure, access, and resources to help your participants succeed.

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Program Management

Automate routine tasks to make program management effective and efficient.

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Measure Results

Demonstrate your program’s impact to your organization with robust tracking and reporting.

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Scale Programs

Easily expand your program across geographies, departments, participants, and multiple programs.

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Uses of Mentoring Software

Produce successful organizational outcomes and drive strategic value with mentoring software.

For Professional Associations

What Organizations are Saying About Chronus

“We’ve been using the software for over a year now and we could not be happier.”

-O’Shea Builders

“Chronus helps to bulk match those groups and provides a customizable outline to follow through their connection with milestones along the way.”

-Kean University Alumni Association

“We have been using Chronus as the backbone of our mentoring programs for over two years now and have not been disappointed.”

-BBVA Compass

Mentoring Software Subscriptions

Multiple subscription models to fit your organization’s specific needs.


A quick and easy way to create a matching-only program.


Get started here fast with this single program option, and scale later as you need.


Scale to multiple programs, across multiple locations, and integrate to your enterprise systems.

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