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Chronus software powers hundreds of successful mentoring programs for some of the world’s largest organizations. More than 3,000,000 people have utilized Chronus mentoring software worldwide. We make it easy to start, manage, and measure a mentoring program. Our award-winning, innovative mentoring platform, support, and mentoring experts work together to drive success for your mentoring program.

Chronus is the top mentoring software to support every stage of the mentoring journey.

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Drive Impactful Outcomes With Mentoring Software

The Chronus mentoring platform enables organizations to create successful mentorships.


Mentoring Program Growth


Return on Investment


Increase in Promotion Rates


Increase in Program Engagement

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Launch your mentoring program smoothly with our streamlined enrollment process.

Chronus mentoring software makes it easy to streamline the enrollment process for mentors and mentees

Configure, Build & Launch Program

Work with a mentoring program expert to utilize pre-built templates and enrollment styles that best suit your needs.

Drive Mentoring Program Enrollment

Maximize enrollment with tailored branding and HRIS integration options for fast and easy registration.

Customize Participant Profiles

Data rich and fully customizable profiles help you gain the insights needed to establish successful matching criteria.


Confidently match participants to create impactful mentoring experiences.

Chronus mentoring software uses a powerful algorithm and multiple matching options to help you make the best matches

Create the Best Mentoring Matches

Configure our powerful MatchIQ® Technology to match participants with precision.

Drive High Match Rates

Optimize your match rate with built-in features (like Mentor Recommendations) to encourage participants to connect.

Save Time with Matching Software

Choose the matching style that suits you best: self match, admin match, bulk match, or even a hybrid match.


Drive productive mentorship relationships through a guided experience.

Chronus mentoring software helps you guide and engage mentoring participants to keep them on track and productive

Access Anytime, Anywhere

Android and iOS mobile apps with push notifications effectively nudge participants into mentoring action.

Share Mentoring Best Practices

Embed mentoring how-to resources into each step of your program to help participants make the most of mentoring.

Guide the Mentoring Relationship

Workflows and targeted campaigns provide personalized guidance and next steps to keep mentorships progressing forward.


Optimize program performance and prove mentoring results with insightful data.

Chronus mentoring software provides a dashboard that elevates the data you care about so you can optimize mentoring program performance

Gain Participant Feedback

Keep a pulse on your program with customizable surveys that let you fine-tune for an ideal mentoring experience.

Access Key Data in Real Time

Personalize your dashboard to elevate the most important insights and metrics to help you maximize mentoring results.

Showcase Mentoring Success

Leverage our years of experience to track metrics that showcase mentoring program impact to stakeholders.


Easily grow your mentorship program and culture to positively impact more people.

With Chronus mentoring software you can offer multiple mentoring programs at scale

Automate and Scale Your Program

Use our pre-built templates, notifications, and campaigns to reach more people while minimizing administrative time and effort.

Maximize the Power of Mentoring

Nurture your mentoring culture with formats like 1:1 mentoring, mentoring circles, group mentoring, or flash mentoring.

Continuously Evolve Your Program

Partner with Chronus to leverage the newest innovations and best practices to ensure long-term mentoring success.

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Industry Leaders Trust Chronus Mentoring Software


Ste. Michelle Wine Estates


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Chronus mentoring software customers include RMIT, Metlife, Uber, Autodesk and more

What Makes Chronus’ Future-Ready Mentoring Different?

Market Leading Expertise

With our seasoned team of mentoring experts, we’re a proven partner to guide your mentoring program to success.

5-Star Service

We’re committed to your success. Each client gets coaching, software training and access to our concierge helpdesk.

Mentoring Resources

Learn from our 10+ years of experience running mentoring programs by leveraging our library of best practice resources.

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