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Scale Mentoring Programs

Scale Your Enterprise Mentoring Program

Whether you’re starting with a single program or are already managing several programs in your organization, Chronus software makes it easy to scale mentoring without losing functionality.

Serve more participants

Adding participants or programs to your mentoring strategy is simple with Chronus’ Future-Ready Mentoring. With our platform, import additional participants or add-on mentoring use cases as you go across your entire employee experience, supporting all employees from their first day to their last.

Scale up to serve more participants

Scale your mentoring programs across departments, locations and objectives

Chronus software makes it easy to extend your program as far as you’d like. Connect your participants across departments, locations and languages to best serve your organization holistically. With 20 languages, Chronus enables the inclusion of global employees, and retains WCAG 2.1 Compliance – the highest standard of accessibility, so all participants can participate equally and equitably.

Grow mentoring program across organization

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Enterprise-level solution

Chronus makes it easy to start, manage and scale your mentoring programs from within one easy platform. Participants and administrators enjoy a familiar program look and feel across a global program. Our dedicated team ensures user data is confidential and secure, while compliant with local, regional and global privacy standards.

Enterprise-level solution

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