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Scale Your Mentoring Program

Whether you’re starting with a single program or are already managing several development tracks, Chronus software makes it easy to build scalability into your plan.

Scale up to more participants in an existing track

Adding participants to your program is simple with Chronus. Import additional participants as you go or add them all at once in bulk.

Import your additional participants to scale your program

Grow your program across departments or locations

Chronus software makes it easy to extend your program as far as you’d like. Connect your participants across departments, locations, and even countries.

Scale your program with ease

Add new tracks of mentoring and other learning programs as you go

Chronus makes it easy to start and manage all of your learning programs from within one easy portal. The benefits? Participants and administrators enjoy a familiar program look and feel and you can start new programs quickly.

Add new tracks of mentoring and other learning programs  with ease

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