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With Chronus, customers never go it alone. Through years of intentional guidance and collaborative partnership, we continually apply our deep industry experience and innovative technology to drive long-term success for our customers.

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Chronus Services

About Chronus Services

Chronus offers more than great software. Whether you need additional resources for administration to ensure your program hits your engagement goals, or help training your end users to get the most out of the program – with Chronus, never go it alone.

What’s Included with Chronus Software?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s a quick summary of what you get:

  • Set up and configuration of your mentoring software environment based on your program needs
  • Training for program administrators
  • Consultation on the design, pilot and launch of your Chronus mentoring program
  • Review of your program performance, deep data analytics and reporting
  • Best practices, guidance, product and subject matter expertise to help you evolve and scale your program
  • Ongoing technical support for program administrators and platform end users
Chronus Services

Additional Services Available

Whatever you need, our team of experts can provide. Here are a few examples of services we are often asked for. Don’t see what you need? Just ask us!

Software Configuration

Have a unique use case or matching criteria? No problem. We can configure the Chronus software to meet your culture, mentoring format, participant population and intended outcomes.

System Integrations

From Single Sign-On and two-way calendar integrations to sharing data with various HRIS and collaboration platforms like MS Teams, Slack, Zoom and more, we have you covered.

End User Training

We offer embedded, self-guided learning resources, as well as onsite or remote program training for mentoring participants. We’re also happy to offer customized training programs. Just tell us what you need!

Program Administration

No time to run your program yourself? You’re in luck. With Chronus Managed Services, we can facilitate it for you, including day-to-day program administration and end user support such as enrollment, matching, data reporting and troubleshooting.

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