Mentorship Program Design & Configuration

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Design and Configure Programs

Design Your Mentorship Program To Meet Your Needs

We understand every mentoring program is unique. Chronus software has built-in flexibility to help you design your mentoring program for impactful participant enrollment.

Determine your mentoring program goals

Firstly, understand why you’re starting a mentoring program. What outcomes are you looking to achieve? The focus could be on retention, advancement, skill development, DEI or beyond. You’ll work with your Chronus customer success partners to identify the goals that will inform the rest of your mentoring program design.

Determine your mentoring program goals

Define your mentoring program enrollment

Select the membership mode, preferred matching style and connection settings that are right for your program and your goals. Not sure what is best for your needs? No worries, Chronus customer success partners will be there every step of the way to provide guidance and best practices for optimal mentoring program design.

Define your mentoring program enrollment

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Choose your mentoring program format

Mentoring comes in several flavors. When designing your mentoring program, it’s important to pick the right format for your organization. We support nearly all of them, including:

  • Mentoring Format: One-to-one, group or circles
  • Mentorship Timeframe: Weeks or months, session-based or ongoing mentoring
  • Mentoring Style: Traditional, peer-to-peer and reverse mentoring
Choose your mentoring program format

Integrate mentoring with tools you already use

Maximize enrollment and participation by integrating with the HRIS, calendars and collaboration tools your organization uses daily. Identify what you’ll need to make participation easy for your end users. With the rise of the hybrid workplace, the Chronus platform integrates with leading enterprise techstacks to enable optimal mentoring interaction. Learn More

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Integrate with tools you already use

Add your brand’s look and feel

Your mentoring program should be a reflection of your organization and its culture. Chronus enables you to customize the look and feel for your participants. Upload logos, use your brand imagery, employ your color scheme, and use your own terminology.

Add your brand look and feel

Learn how software guides participants through the mentoring journey

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