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Amazon: Creating New Pathways For Employees Through Mentorship

Mentorship can do more than boost skills advancement and support individual career growth. As Amazon’s mentoring strategy demonstrates, these initiatives can elevate an employer’s brand, provide opportunities to learn more about employee challenges and build a management pipeline that ensures innovative voices are heard.

Amazon launched the Amazon Mentoring Program (AMP) in partnership with Chronus in 2016. The program has grown 750% since its first year. What started with 18,800 users now supports 160,000 employees, including nearly 50,000 who identify with one or more affinity groups—a group of employees linked by a common interest, background, demographic or goal.

In this case study, learn how Amazon grew its mentoring strategy to more than 100 programs, targeting everything across:

  • high-potential employees
  • leadership development
  • mentoring circles for affinity groups

Download the case study!

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