Alumni Mentoring & Student Mentoring Program

Alumni Mentoring

Benefits of Alumni Mentoring

For alumni, mentoring students of their alma mater is a meaningful, rewarding experience. Even better, alumni mentoring programs are an excellent way for universities to engage alumni before soliciting monetary donations. Alumni mentoring gives students access to a global network of professionals who can share valuable knowledge and advice to prepare them for the world after graduation. Universities leverage alumni mentoring programs to serve the school’s mission of education while creating a stronger bond with alumni.

  • Promote deeper engagement with alumni
  • Provide alumni with meaningful volunteer and leadership development opportunities
  • Offer students a way to network with alumni across industries and skillsets

“When students strongly agree that their college prepared them well, they are 9 times more likely to be attached to their alma mater.”

Gallup Purdue Index

Software for Alumni Mentoring

Automate Workflows

It’s challenging to find the balance between an engaging program and one that requires too much time from alumni. Chronus workflows allow alumni to control their schedule, availability, and level of engagement for a light, hands off program. Administrators can save time by automating communications and surveys that collect program data and efficacy.

Enable Targeted Matches

The best mentorships start with a good match, but doing so manually is difficult and doesn’t scale. With Chronus, you can use MatchIQ® to make matches based on your criteria. Use admin match or self match to pair participants. To make the process even smoother, alumni can even auto-fill their profiles from LinkedIn.

Secure Participant Information

Universities need to protect student data to comply with regulations. With Chronus, all program data is secured in a private environment. Student and alumni information is kept safely within the confines of the program, only accessible by designated administrators.

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