Why Peer Mentoring?

Universities want students to thrive and succeed, but it can be difficult for some students to find their place in the transition to university life. With peer mentoring, students are connected with others like them who can help them feel more at home, providing support and guidance that helps students be more engaged within the school. Peer mentoring enables universities to keep more students enrolled, and is popular for transfer students, international students, veterans, students newly accepted into a program and other populations of students who have similar backgrounds or interests.

With peer mentoring, you can:

  • Retain at-risk students by providing deeper support
  • Create more successful student experiences and educational outcomes
  • Enable students to gain valuable leadership experience as mentors

Students who sign up for a mentor are 14% more likely to stay in college. And 13% more likely to graduate college after four years. End Quote
– National Bureau of Economic Research

Software for Peer Mentoring

Enable Easy Workflows

Guiding each mentorship manually is a time consuming, repetitive task. Chronus lets you setup easy workflows that won’t compete with a student’s primary goal of learning. For peer mentoring, loosely structured workflows guide students on how to be successful within a mentorship and give them the flexibility to focus on what’s important to them.

Guiding Mentoring Program

Find Ideal Matches

Peer mentoring works best when at-risk students have a relatable mentor, but making the best matches yourself is a challenge. With Chronus’ MatchIQ® algorithm, you can use self match or admin match pair up participants based on your unique criteria.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

Secure Student Information

With strict regulations around student data, security is a top priority. Chronus software is housed in a secure, private environment to comply with regulations. Administrators control access and information sharing so that no one’s privacy is compromised.

Secure Student Information

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