Why Career Mentoring?

Job placement after graduation is an important measure of success for universities. As a result, schools are under increasing pressure to provide valuable opportunities that give students a competitive edge in the job market. With career mentoring, students are paired with a professional in their field of interest. In this engaging learning environment, students get academic and career advice, learn about potential career paths, and build career networking skills.

With career mentoring, you can:

  • Give students a competitive edge post-graduation
  • Increase student job placement opportunities
  • Enable students to build and expand their professional networks

57% of students wish their schools offered more networking opportunities. End Quote
– Millennial Branding

Software for Career Mentoring

Create Effective Matches

With a diverse range of students and mentors, making the best match on a case-by-case basis is no easy task. Our flexible software lets you pick the matching model that’s best for your participants. Whether it’s admin match or self match, our MatchIQ® technology uses your unique criteria to suggest the best match possible.

Matching Participants in a Mentoring Program

Guide Mentorships to Productivity

Manually keeping tabs on each mentoring pair is inefficient and unrealistic for programs of scale. With software and automation, administrators can efficiently keep mentorships on track while Chronus’ guided workflows provide custom step-by-step guidance ensuring productive meetings for optimal learning experiences.

Guiding Mentoring Program

Secure Student Information

Universities must comply with strict regulations when handling student data. Chronus’ secure, private environment lets administrators control access and information sharing so that no one’s privacy is compromised.

Secure Student Information

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