How-To Guide: Measuring Mentoring Program Success

October 4th, 2013 by Kira FickenscherKira Fickenscher, Client Service Manager

measure success whiteboardMentoring programs are strategic talent development initiatives for organizations looking to grow and retain talent. But how do you measure program success? And, most importantly, how do you demonstrate the success of your program to others to ensure the continuation of your program?

We suggest you harness ongoing support for your mentoring program by establishing key goals and metrics. This way, program performance can be easily quantified and communicated to the rest of your organization. When beginning the implementation of a mentoring program and setting out analysis guidelines, consider:

  • How your mentoring initiative will fulfill your a higher-level business goal, such as employee career development, leadership development, or new hire onboarding
  • Setting realistic key performance indicators (KPIs) and targets
  • Elaborating on your strategy with segments and specific measurement tactics

Putting metrics in place to evaluate your mentoring program will help you define, track, and communicate your program’s success, ensuring management support and program continuation.

Read our article to learn how to put your metrics in place now. Download: How-To Guide Measuring Mentoring Program Success

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