Kira Fickenscher

Kira Fickenscher

Kira blends a passion for human-centered design and effective learning systems into her approach to talent development initiatives. In addition to consulting on mentoring programs, she's a fierce champion in the realms of customer experience and customer success.

10 Tips: University Mentoring Programs

Jump-start your university mentorship programs and put them on the path to success with these key program-planning tips. 1. Define your university mentoring program objectives and secure leadership support You would be surprised by the number of university mentorship programs without clear objectives or strong buy-in. Such programs often struggle because there is no consensus of what success looks like … Read more

Mentoring Best Practices: Survey for Future Needs

So you’re considering starting a new mentoring program. That’s fantastic! But in order to make it truly successful, it’s important to survey and evaluate your mentoring program needs. For example, how would your organization use mentoring most effectively? How can you ensure participants get what they want out of it? You can make some reasonable guesses as to what people want. … Read more

Tips for Measuring & Evaluating Mentoring Program Success

To harness ongoing support for your program, measuring mentoring success is key. Conducting a top-down goal analysis should include organizational objectives, key performance indicators (KPIs), targets, and segments. First, consider your mentoring initiative in the context of a higher-level business need. Next, set realistic KPIs and targets. Finally, elaborate on your strategy with segments and specific measurement tactics. Watch our … Read more

Onboarding & Career Development: O’Shea

Chronus customer Tess Fyalka, Director of Employee Development and Engagement at O’Shea, walked us through how their onboarding and career development programs work. We’ve provided an edited video and transcript of the interview for your convenience. Why Onboarding & Career Development? Tess Fyalka, Director of Employee Development and Engagement at O’Shea: Founded in 1902, O’Shea is a commercial construction company based in … Read more

Group Mentoring: Innovation in Career Development

As with most traditional structures, mentoring has its cornerstone: one-to-one relationships. That’s the tried-and-true way. But mentoring has evolved in pace with the corporate and academic landscapes and continues to prove itself as a uniquely impressive machine for powering success. Group mentoring is one of several mentoring varieties on the rise and it’s clear why: we humans naturally tend toward … Read more

Build Your Organization’s Mentoring Culture With a Pilot Program

Mentoring is a smart strategy for organizations ready to invest in employee development, and it’s important to roll it out right to ensure the best adoption rates. The biggest factor of success, by far, is a mentoring culture that permeates from top to bottom. Build a mentoring culture with a pilot program that lets you harness that vital organizational support and … Read more

Is it Time to Automate Your Mentoring Program?

Many Chronus clients come to us after trialing a homegrown, spreadsheet-based mentoring program. The consensus is that running a program without software is like glimpsing great success, just out of reach. It’s like hand-plowing acres of fertile soil. It’s like serving people with a toothpick at an all-you-can-eat buffet. It’s like—well, you get the point. Are you encountering these common … Read more