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Top 10 Mentoring Program Best Practices

Mentoring programs are a great method to boost employee development, engagement, and retention at any company. Start your program off right with our top tips on mentoring program best practices gathered together from our internal staff. Attention to a few important details can make all the difference in ensuring effectiveness for your mentoring program. Watch our quick video to learn our … Read more

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Chronus Presentation: 8 Tips for Employee Development Program Best Practices

You have strong and skillful employees right at your fingertips. Solid training, clear communication, and a commitment to your workforce can go a long way in showing your dedication to your employees, as well as produce and sustain great results for the future of your organization. An employee career development program may be the answer to reducing disengagement and turnover, … Read more

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Spread the Love With Corporate Mentoring

Happy Valentine’s day! This year, help your employees love their jobs more by engaging them with a corporate mentoring program. Proven to improve retention and increase job satisfaction, mentoring has a place in every organization. Don’t forget to read our whitepaper, “Five Benefits of a Workplace Mentoring Program,” to see if corporate mentoring is right for you. Proceed to Your Whitepaper

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Happy Thanksgiving from Chronus

Thanksgiving is a time of the year that focuses on giving thanks to the people we care about—our family, our friends, and the people who improve our lives every day. At Chronus, we try to thank our mentors too, those people who have been generous through the years in sharing wisdom and insight without asking for anything in return. This … Read more

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Build Your Organization’s Mentoring Culture With a Pilot Program

Mentoring is a smart strategy for organizations ready to invest in employee development, and it’s important to roll it out right to ensure the best adoption rates. The biggest factor of success, by far, is a mentoring culture that permeates from top to bottom. Build a mentoring culture with a pilot program that lets you harness that vital organizational support and … Read more

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How Informal Talent Development Programs Can Produce Impactful Leadership for Organizations

Most employees evaluate several factors before starting a new position at a company: Will the work be relevant to career aspirations? Does the company provide a competitive salary? Are there opportunities for growth? In order to successfully recruit and retain these employees for development into future leaders, it’s important to adopt a “hire to retire” approach to talent development. Early … Read more

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Crop of the Season: Employers Eyeing Millennial Graduates for Hire

For human resource recruiters and employers, the months of May and June bring excitement with the new flood of millennial graduates to pick from; bright, freshly primed from their formal studies, technology advocates, and ready to begin a new chapter in their lives. As the festivities following graduation die down, many graduates immediately jump onboard the job search train to … Read more

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5 Things to Know Before Becoming a Mentoring Program Administrator

Have you ever been tasked with creating and managing a mentoring program, or have to find the right person to be an administrator? If you’re currently experiencing anxiety when it comes to starting a mentoring program, allow us to offer a comfortable shoulder for you to lean on. We’re here to present you with five ways to ensure a smooth … Read more

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Slideshow: Five Signs Your Corporate Coaching Needs Software

A growing workforce should be a happy event, so why the sad face? If you find yourself immersed in an administrative warfare when it comes to prioritizing programs and hand-matching coaches to employees, then it’s time to reevaluate your current corporate coaching methods. We’ve designed a brief SlideShare presentation with five signs that alert you to your methods becoming well, … Read more

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Chronus Helps Daimler Trucks Reinvent Corporate Mentoring Program

In our new case study, see how the largest truck manufacturer in North America, Daimler Trucks, is using Chronus mentoring software to develop and further the career paths of 4,000 employees across U.S. and Mexico locations. Initially limited by administrative burdens such as spreadsheets and a one-region software program with a poor learning structure, Daimler is now leveraging mentoring programs across … Read more

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New Case Study: Gates Millennium Scholars Program

See how the Gates Millennium Scholars Program is using mentoring to improve student engagement and retention in a program that spans the country. Here’s what they had to say about Chronus: “Overall, our experience with Chronus has been great. We appreciate the frequent communication in sharing updates and feedback. The product delivered what we expected and more. We are very impressed … Read more

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4 Predictions for Talent Development

Happy 2014! We interviewed our top execs to come up with a list of what you’ll see in terms of talent development predictions for the coming year. 4 Predictions for Talent Development from Chronus   As a bonus, here are a few more questions and answers from these interviews that will give you a peek into what to expect. Q: What … Read more

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Case Study: Aerospace Firm Employs Mentoring Programs to Develop Employee Careers

Learn how one of Chronus’ aerospace customers is using Chronus to power talent development programs for their employees around the globe. With more than 10,000 participants, this firm implemented multiple tracks from a single mentoring platform to offer both career mentoring as well as transfer technical knowledge in-house.  Read the full study to see how this company reduced administrative time and boosted employee engagement … Read more

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Case Study: University of Colorado Runs Mentoring Programs with Chronus

We are thrilled to showcase the University of Colorado’s successful student-alumni mentoring program in our new case study. Read it and learn how the Leeds School of Business is using mentoring to connect students and alumni for improved career development opportunities and tighter alumni relations. 4 mentoring programs 1500+ participants 100% of mentees would recommend the program Student participants are … Read more

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Enterprise Social Learning – Has Its Time Finally Arrived?

I recently attended the 2012 HR Technology Conference in Chicago and was pleasantly surprised by the quality of conversation surrounding social learning in the workplace. It seems it has moved beyond vendor pitches and analyst predictions. Companies were sharing real social learning successes, not merely visions. Here are a few interesting insights and takeaways. 1. Employees are asking for it: One way to … Read more

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8 Building Blocks of Talent Development Mentoring Programs

What Can Talent Development Mentoring Do for You? Chronus recently offered a webinar entitled “Designing Talent Development Mentoring Programs”. Our featured speaker was Lis Merrick, a recognized mentoring and coaching expert, and president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd., headquartered in the U.K. She has helped companies from all over the globe start and grow more than 60 successful talent … Read more

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