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Our Tips & Best Practices for Onboarding Programs

How to Start Onboarding Best PracticesUnfortunately, orientation-focused onboarding just isn’t cutting it anymore. Today, strategic onboarding is gaining ground because it helps employees learn and engage in a way that traditional programs can’t manage.

Effective programs provide a faster track to productivity while also building strong employee relationships. Essentially, they’re win-win solutions that are tailored to the needs of the organization as well as new hires.

But what should you consider when building your strategic approach? And what are the best practices for onboarding programs? Here are the five steps we recommend for maximum success:

Host a discovery phase to determine opportunities

In order to succeed, it’s best to first analyze the existing gaps within your program. Hold roundtables with employees and stakeholders, and dive into your data to see where the biggest areas of opportunity lie.

Design your program with best practices for onboarding programs

There are multiple ways to design your program format. Remember – cramming information into new hires simply doesn’t work. Space out the learning so they receive the information when they need it – which means they’ll remember it. After you decide on your format, customize it according to what your new hires and your company need.

Identify your tools for a more effective program

Once you’ve determined the scope of your program design, ensure you have the tools you need to carry out the program you want. Make sure they allow your program to grow and expand, and use them to help you with everything from standardizing your program to measuring on results.

Run your program – but test it first

When it comes to running your program, our biggest tip for success is to first test it with a pilot program. And as your program is running, make sure you’re constantly thinking about continual improvement so you can make your program the best it can be.

Measure results and analyze feedback

Make sure you’re measuring results and reporting on them to keep leadership involved. We suggest sending surveys for more information from participants. Incorporate all useful feedback, and then scale your program to the rest of the organization.

Creating a strategic onboarding program isn’t always easy, but we’ll walk you through the best practices way to do it. For more in-depth information on best practices for onboarding programs, download our ebook today to learn from our top-notch tips and advice.

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