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Chronus Announces Free Webinar on Designing Mentoring and Coaching Programs for Talent Development

Mentoring and coaching expert Lis Merrick provides best practices on planning, implementing, and managing talent development mentoring programs.

Chronus, a mentoring and social learning solutions provider, announces its upcoming webinar “Designing Talent Development Mentoring Programs”. The webinar will take place Wednesday, May 16th at 2:00pm EDT.

This webinar is for organizations either running or interested in mentoring / coaching programs in support of talent development initiatives. Join Lis Merrick, a corporate consultant on mentoring and coaching as she provides best practices and practical guidance on how to plan, implement and manage talent development mentoring programs.

This webinar presentation will address:

  • Key elements of good program design
  • Assessing organizational readiness
  • Preparing participants
  • Constructing the right matching model
  • Building feedback and evaluation controls into the program

About the Presenter

Ms. Lis Merrick is a recognized mentoring and coaching expert and is president and founder of Coach Mentoring Ltd. headquartered in England. She works with private and public sector organizations worldwide to design and run global talent management mentoring and coaching programs. Lis speaks frequently at conferences on mentoring best practices and coaches several executives.

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