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Chronus Announces Free Webinar on How to Start a Successful Mentoring Program

Chronus, a leading mentoring software solutions provider, announces its upcoming webinar “How to Start and Run a Successful Mentoring Program”. The webinar will take place Wednesday, November 9th at 3:00pm EDT.

This webinar is for corporations, universities, and nonprofits considering a mentoring program or currently running one. Join Susan Canfield, an expert on mentoring and author of Mentoring Moments, as she provides best practices and practical guidance on how to plan, implement and manage mentoring programs.

The use of mentoring is expanding as organizations seek more effective approaches to develop talent and retain knowledge. New Web 2.0 based solutions extend the value of mentoring beyond individual connections by tapping into and sharing the collective wisdom of the entire mentoring community through social learning. This increases learning opportunities and speeds up the learning process. As a result, mentoring has become an effective strategy for meeting short and long term talent development objectives.

This webinar presentation addressed:

  • Making the business case for mentoring within the organization
  • Aligning mentoring approach to the strategic learning goals of the organization
  • Recruiting and retaining mentors
  • Fostering strong mentoring relationships
  • Managing and tuning mentoring programs once underway

About the Presenter

Ms. Canfield has served as Director of the nationally-recognized MBA Mentor Program at the Michael G. Foster School of Business at the University of Washington for over 10 years. She has presented on a wide variety of mentoring topics to professional organizations, companies, and universities and has advised numerous organizations on mentoring. In addition, Ms. Canfield is the author of the award-winning book, Mentoring Moments: Inspiring Stories from Eight Business Leaders and MBAs.

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