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Chronus Announces New Mentoring Software to Meet the Needs of Smaller Organizations

Chronus Mentor Group edition now makes it easy for smaller organizations to start and run successful online mentoring programs with its new mentoring software.

Chronus, a leading mentoring and social learning solutions provider, is pleased to announce the availability of Chronus Mentor Group edition, the newest member of the Chronus Mentor software family. With Chronus Mentor Group edition, smaller organizations are now able to reap the benefits of online mentoring software with a cost-effective solution built specifically for small mentoring programs.

“Mentoring is a powerful strategy that any organization can leverage to develop its employees or provide as a service to its members. The challenge for many smaller organizations has been affordable access to the expertise, resources and tools necessary to effectively start and oversee the program” says Vetri Vellore, CEO of Chronus Corporation. “Chronus Mentor Group edition addresses all of these challenges by providing the best practices, structure and management efficiencies needed for smaller organizations to be successful.”

Chronus Mentor Group edition software will allow organizations to manage the entire lifecycle of mentoring programs of up to fifty members with high efficiency. With Chronus Mentor Group edition, customers will be able to:

  • Provide an interactive, easy to use online mentoring environment to participants
  • Invite and manage program members
  • Match mentors to mentees
  • Facilitate overall mentoring process and provide coaching when needed
  • Assess program performance and quickly identify issues that may arise
  • Support the program as it grows with the ability to seamlessly upgrade to either Chronus Premium or Enterprise editions.

To learn more about Chronus Mentor Group, request a quote, or schedule a demo, visit: 

Chronus is a fast-growing learning software solutions provider focused on helping organizations expand their knowledge and potential through leveraging mentoring and other social learning strategies. With innovative Web 2.0 mentoring software, Chronus enables corporations, universities and non-profit organizations to start and grow cost-effective and easy to manage mentoring programs.

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