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Chronus Corporation Enhances Talent Development Suite with Debut Of Enterprise Coaching Software

Chronus Coach Empowers HR Execs to Increase Coaching Program Efficiency and Effectiveness by Automating Operational Tasks and Providing Deep Insight into Program Metrics

BELLEVUE, WASH. – August 22, 2013 Chronus Corporation, a leading provider of software for talent and career development, today unveiled Chronus Coach, a cloud-based software solution for the development, management and measurement of enterprise coaching programs. Chronus Coach empowers HR executives to deliver a more efficient and effective range of coaching programs.  The combination of Chronus Mentor and Chronus Coach furthers the company’s vision of enabling mid- and large-sized businesses to leverage the power of learning dialogues to develop an organization’s talent.

Coach screen shotAccording to recent research from the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the coaching profession is a $2 billion industry, growing to an estimated 41,300 active coaching professionals in the U.S.*[1] However, while effective coaching programs have been linked to overall organizational success, many HR departments lack the resources to maintain and operate these programs in addition to their core responsibilities. Using Chronus Coach, HR managers can automate the process of managing and supervising any number of coaching engagements to reduce the time and cost of operating scalable coaching programs, and improve the effectiveness and ROI of coaching programs.

Key features and capabilities of Chronus Coach include:

  • Simple and flexible program set-up: Administrators can create new coaching programs in a matter of minutes, with customization options to add images, logos and color pallets consistent with an organization’s brand.
  • Manage multiple coaching programs with a single subscription: HR executives can manage multiple programs individually, while keeping a comprehensive running history of all coaching provider engagements.
  • Automate the coach matching process: Chronus’ intelligent matching system recommends the best coach based on specific employee needs, communicates those recommendations to the employee’s manager for review, and coordinates an initial ‘chemistry test’ meeting to confirm compatibility.
  • Drive productive coaching: Users can assign workflows for repetitive engagements, and create an eCoaching environment shared between coach and employee to collaborate on goals progress. Chronus Coach also empowers coaches with efficiency resources such as standardized tools and reports.
  • Monitor coaching engagement progress in real-time: Program managers gain deep insight into the progress of the overall coaching program and individual engagements or sessions. Chronus Coach allows coaches to define frequency and format of reporting checkpoints, and automatically captures and updates these reports as available.
  • Gain insight into engagement effectiveness and overall program performance: Coaching engagement progress is measured through participant surveys, comparing goals to outcomes, as well as performance reviews for individual coaches.

“Chronus Coach is a revolutionary new product for the coaching marketplace and will enable organizations to deliver superior coaching outputs to their key talent,” said Lis Merrick, managing director at Coach Mentoring Ltd.  “The ability to identify, allocate, monitor and supervise both external and internal coaches through the program, has competently and comprehensively filled a niche in the coaching software market. I would definitely recommend it to all my clients!”

“When ingrained in a company’s culture, coaching programs have been shown to drastically impact business success by improving individual performance and productivity, increasing employee engagement and maintaining a high retention rate,” said Praerit Garg, chief product officer at Chronus Corporation. “However, these programs are often very time intensive and lack engagement. Chronus Coach alleviates these challenges by automating the entire program lifecycle, including creation, engagement, maintenance and results measurement.”

This new solution is complementary to Chronus Mentor, the leading software for managing corporate mentoring programs. For complete product information and to schedule a demonstration, please visit

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Chronus empowers organizations to develop and retain talent through software that fosters learning, improves performance, and reduces cost. Leading organizations worldwide rely on Chronus for easy, adaptable, cloud-based solutions to mentor, coach, and drive engagement among organization members. With products that support career development, leadership readiness, employee onboarding, alumni relations, and a host of other talent development initiatives, Chronus helps enterprise-scale organizations, academic institutions, and professional associations realize potential from within.

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Daniel Jensen, Barokas PR

Michelle Manson, Chronus Corporation

** Note to editors. For a demonstration of Chronus Coach, additional screen shots, or other information, please contact Michelle Manson at Chronus Corporation.

[1] “Global Study: Coaching Profession Strong, with Bright Future,” SHRM, March 6, 2012

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