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Chronus Corporation Updates Chronus Mentor Software with New Features and Tools

Fun and Functional Updates Support the Chronus Mission to Make Mentoring Software Easy to Use and Manage

Chronus Corporation, a leading provider of software for talent and career development, recently released a new update to its software, Chronus Mentor, which helps organizations efficiently manage mentoring programs online. The new version features a host of end-user enhancements plus administrative tool updates.

Chronus Mentor is a cloud-based Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for organizations to start, manage, and measure mentoring programs. “Chronus Mentor is being increasingly adopted by enterprise, higher education, government, and other large-scale organizations to achieve a wide range of talent development goals — from employee onboarding to career development to student mentoring,” explained Praerit Garg, Chief Product Officer of Chronus. “Our new feature set supports these customers with administrative functions such as bulk matching while maintaining the fun for users with features like video profiling.”

Chronus Mentor strives to provide a fast, easy software experience for administrators to manage a mentoring program. New features for administrators include:

  • Bulk Matching – For programs where administrators perform the matching, Chronus Mentor now enables thousands of intelligent matches to be made within minutes. The program automatically recommends matches across the defined pool of users, based on key profile data. The administrator can then accept matches or make changes with complete control. Once finalized, mentor connections can be instantly activated as a group.
  • Resources section – Administrators can upload a host of resources for use by mentors and mentees, such as help guides, video tutorials, and other documentation.
  • Report exports – All reports including the popular Executive Summary Report, Program Health Report, and Activity Report can be exported to .pdf for easy sharing.
Chronus Mentor Bulk Matching

Chronus Mentor Bulk Matching

The Leeds School of Business at the University of Colorado, Boulder, runs three mentoring programs using Chronus Mentor: the Peer2Peer program which supports first-year students with peer mentors, a Young Alumni Mentors program that connects sophomores with recent graduates, and the Professional Mentorship Program which partners undergraduates and MBAs with seasoned professionals. “As our programs have grown, the new bulk matching has allowed us to improve the efficiency of the matching process, while also enhancing the quality.” says Katie Connor, Director of the Leeds Mentoring Office. “For example, this summer we’ll be matching over 600 students with mentors in the various programs. Chronus provides us with the ability to create detailed profiles for a very personalized matching system. Using the bulk matching feature, we can narrow down the matching options faster and earlier in the process, which definitely saves us a lot of time.”

The updated Chronus Mentor also includes a host of new features that enhance the end-user experience:

  • Video profiling – Users can enhance mentor and mentee matching with videos embedded in the profile. Videos add a new layer of richness to the program, enabling mentors and mentees to evaluate fit and chemistry for a mentoring relationship from the start.
  • Calendaring – For programs with session-based mentoring, the updated calendar function enables mentors to post available hours and mentees to schedule sessions for specific topic mentoring as needed.
  • “Mentor Offers” – With this new feature mentors can now reach out to mentees and invite them to join a specific mentoring group.
Users can enhance mentor and mentee matching with videos embedded in the profile.

Chronus Mentor Video-Profiling

Complete details and subscription plans for Chronus Mentor software can be viewed at

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