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Chronus Featured on Poets & Quants

Students Mentoring

Chronus was featured on Poets & Quants, a leading website devoted to covering business schools worldwide. Poets & Quants described Villanova University‘s mentoring program for female business students.

Michele Gianforcaro, Assistant Director for Undergraduate Mentor Programs, started Villanova’s mentoring program with a pilot that included 100 female student mentees and 400 women alumni mentors. The program successfully grew to 200 students the following year. But when it came time to scale the program to all 400 sophomore students, Gianforcaro realized she needed a way to make the process more efficient – which is why she turned to Chronus software.

Gianforcaro said, “It got me out of the matchmaking business and is a saving grace for me with efficiency.”

Chronus software’s MatchIQ® technology automates recommendations for mentor matches based on users’ profiles and interest. In addition, Chronus also supports tracking and program guidance to ensure a more productive mentoring experience.

When asked about the importance of mentoring, Chronus CEO Seena Mortazavi said, “[Mentoring] is becoming an important selling point to attract students to universities. It’s not just enough to have the best professors or best facilities, but they also want that hands-on mentorship experience and someone who can help guide them through their career.”

Villanova is piloting Chronus software for the first time this year in their MBA program, but they have future plans to include it within their Master of Science in Finance degree program.

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