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New Article: 10 Essential Ingredients for Successful Coaching Programs

Starting a corporate coaching program? Looking to improve the one you have? We can help with tried and true best practices for your program.

Here’s a quick synopsis; download the complete article for the complete details.

Planning = Coaching Program Success

Many organizations are discovering that the secret sauce to successful talent development is creating an effective coaching program — one that not only engages key talent but also drives strong organizational outcomes.

To help you get started, we’ve gathered up our best practices advice and summed it up in 10 key ingredients that you can use as you develop your own organization’s recipe for successful coaching programs.

10 Essential Ingredients for Creating a Successful Coaching Program

1. Define clear program goals and objectives
2. Target coaching population(s) at mid-level talent to increase impact
3. Craft compelling communication to promote your program
4. Involve talent in the coach selection process
5. Establish clear expectations of particular engagements
6. Effectively manage, track and measure progress
7. Continuously refine program in response to feedback
8. Communicate throughout the course of the program
9. Evaluate impact
10. Share your successes

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