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New Article: Four Benefits of a University Mentoring Program

Why University Mentoring? 4 Benefits of a University Mentoring Program

Interested in learning how mentoring can help your students and alumni achieve their academic and career goals? Check out our article on the benefits of university mentoring programs as a smart value-add to the student and alumni experience.

Synopsis: Every year, universities strive for excellent national rankings and recognition for their educational offerings. Part of those rankings come from high graduation and job placement rates. But with traditional ranking systems under scrutiny and graduates entering a tough job market, universities are looking to do more to help their students become competitive and launch them into successful future careers. Academic institutions that offer a range of enriching and engaging activities not only benefit current students, they also enhance the attractiveness of their school’s offerings to top prospective students. Offering mentoring is a smart use of resources, connecting students and alumni for support, learning and networking as they move through their university experience and enter working life. Creating a mentoring pipeline and network gives students a vital competitive edge as they graduate and start successful careers after college.

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