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Summer Reading Author Q&A: Successful Onboarding with Lilith Christiansen

Subpar or rushed onboarding can leave new employees feeling disengaged, overwhelmed, stunted and looking for greener pastures outside company walls. In fact, almost a third of employees employed in their current job for fewer than six months are already job searching.1

A few days of orientation alone isn’t sufficient to adequately engage new hires and get them off to a fast start. With the war for corporate talent in full swing, it’s time to take a fresh approach. Effective onboarding programs provide a faster track to productivity, while also building strong employee relationships. Essentially, they’re win-win solutions.

In this webinar, we chat with author Lilith Christiansen as she shares insights of the circumstances that determine new hire success stories as well as disappointing and costly failures. She provides:

  • Case studies from personal experiences leading many onboarding redesign initiatives at top companies
  • Results from their examination of onboarding practices employed by a large number of Fortune 500 organizations
  • Ways to measure the success of strategic onboarding programs


lilith-christiansen-headshot-  Lilith Christiansen, Author & Vice President, Onboarding Solutions, SilkRoad

Lilith Christiansen brings more than 20 years of consulting experience to SilkRoad, having established a reputation as an industry expert, author and speaker. At SilkRoad Lilith Christiansen leads a team dedicated to partnering with SilkRoad clients to develop world-class strategic onboarding practices and programs that transform their employee experiences and drive business outcomes. The onboarding solutions team helps organizations build better employee experiences and drive retention by connecting all of the onboarding experiences throughout the employee lifecycle.

Prior to joining SilkRoad, Lilith served as Vice President of the Organizational Development Practice group at Kaiser Associates, co-leading deep analytical and business performance perspective projects to help leading companies succeed against organizational development challenges. She co-authored the best-selling business book “Successful Onboarding.” It one of the first books to outline methodologies for creating strategic onboarding programs on a global scale to unlock hidden values from talent bases.

1 Onboarding Margin

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