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Career Mentoring Program Toolkit

Everything You Need to Plan Your Mentoring Program

The toolkit is chock-full of information with research, tools, and best practice tips to guide you to starting a successful mentoring program or making it better than ever.

With this mentoring program toolkit, you’ll also learn how mentoring can help your organization improve employee engagement, development, and retention. Get started with planning and designing your mentoring program today!

How to use this mentoring program toolkit

What You’ll Learn
Decide whether mentoring is right for you Five Benefits of a Workplace Mentoring Program Whitepaper
Our key program-planning tips How to Start a High-Impact Mentoring Program  Ebook
Thinking about software? Look here! Five Ways Software Will Improve Your Corporate Mentoring Program Article
Get the buy-in you need Pitching Mentoring to Your Leaders: Tips for Success Article
Learn how to set goals & measure success Tips for Measuring Mentoring Program Success Article
Streamline & simplify your program Chronus Software for Mentoring Product Sheet

Mentoring is a cost-effective strategy that harnesses the internal resources you already have to improve employee learning through one-to-one or group interactions. Mentoring connects people to learn how they learn best—from each other—in personalized, on-the-job experiences.

After all, studies have shown that organizations with career development programs such as mentoring are six times more likely to increase employee engagement, and have a 2.5 times higher productivity rate than organizations that have yet to implement a career development strategy.1

1Right Management, Inc., Advancing Careers, Driving Results, 2012

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