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Cox Automotive Relies on Chronus Mentoring to Retain and Promote Employees

“Being part of the program has encouraged me to look at my day-to-day job from a big picture to recognize steps I need to start taking now in order to achieve my desired 5-year career goal.”
– Mentee

When Loyalty Today Isn’t a Given

The way we buy a car has changed a lot over the past 20 years. It is no longer a seller’s market. The power has shifted, and buyers are outfitted with more information, market awareness and expectations. In order to meet the new demands, the automotive industry has had to elevate its offerings, providing better buying and selling experiences for the modern car owner. This is where Cox Automotive saw the opportunity for a more connected industry to rebuild and refresh the automotive approach.

Cox Automotive was born from an idea to connect the global automotive industry under one unified game-changer and transform the way the world buys, owns, sells and uses cars. Built under the umbrella of Cox Enterprises, the company’s more than 20 connected brands like Autotrader, Kelley Blue Book and Manheim provide a comprehensive set of products and services that simplify the process, minimize friction and enable the smart and enjoyable experience all car buyers and sellers have come to expect.

This smart and enjoyable experience is also what they strive to provide their 33,000 employees. Like modern car buyers, today’s employees have developed new expectations and desires within the workplace. Compensation and stability are no longer enough to retain top talent, especially in such a competitive market. In order to respond to employees like they responded to the changing automotive industry, Cox Automotive developed a formal and structured career mentoring program to develop and move employees through the talent pipeline, rather than risk them looking for opportunities outside of the company.


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