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Development That Matters: A Storyline for Success

In order to truly gain momentum and succeed, your leadership initiatives need support. Ignite interest and true action in your development efforts by crafting a story that compels investment. The right story can evolve your organization’s thinking to deliver game-changing results for your business and people.

Chris Richardson, CEO of Going Elemental, who will share what she’s learned over decades of change work. Learn about the steps you can take to become the hero of your leadership development initiatives, including mentoring.

The key takeaways include:

  • A discovery process that will help you reveal true business needs
  • Key elements of a successful solution
  • A model for creating a leadership development narrative for radical business success

About Chris Richardson

Chris Richardson Chris Richardson is an innovator focused on developing leaders to deliver breakthrough performance in their organizations and communities. She is sought after for delivering people-centric business strategies, improving organizational effectiveness, leading change, and building cohesive leadership teams.

Chris holds degrees in Industrial Psychology, Organizational Development and Adult Learning. She is the co-author of Going Elemental: The Essentials of Success.

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