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How Coca-Cola and LMI are Solving Today’s Critical HR Challenges

In recent years, HR leaders have had to steer their companies though uncharted, and often choppy, waters. The future of work is shifting under the weight of a post-pandemic life and an uncertain economy.

HR leaders are struggling to create an employee-centric culture that addresses mental health, employee development, and improves the employee-employer relationship.

Companies like Coca-Cola and LMI are leaders in their fields because they take a human interest in their employees. Through robust mentorship programs these organizations are giving employees opportunities to learn, grow and connect with peers and leaders at their respective companies.

Join us to hear Trish Vassar, PhD, Global Director of Learning, Leadership, and Development at The Coca-Cola Company, and Beth Hoban, Vice President of Talent Development at LMI discuss the critical challenges facing HR leaders.

  • The workplace challenges organizations are facing in 2023
  • Why Coca-Cola and LMI turned to mentoring as a people strategy
  • Tactics you can use to recruit, retain and keep employees engaged

See you there!



Trish Vassar / Global Director, Learning, Leadership, and Development / The Coca-Cola Company
Beth Hoban / Vice President, Talent Development / LMI
Lydia Frank / Vice President, Marketing / Chronus

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