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How to Use Mentoring, Sponsorship and Culture to Build an Inclusive Workplace

In building an inclusive workplace, culture communicates boundaries to employees—what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable. In order to build a workplace and workforce that believes in and supports diversity, equity, and inclusion, organizations have to walk the talk. You can’t address DEI without addressing the culture because it influences every aspect of how a company operates. It’s what sets or erodes the conditions for diversity to succeed.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:

  • Why mentoring is a cornerstone of culture
  • How mentoring and sponsorship work together to build diverse representation
  • The importance of psychological safety in the workplace (and how to build it)
  • How to scale and sustain the culture you’ve built

About the Speakers:

Karen Jaw-Madson

Karen is Principal of Co.-Design of Work Experience, author of Culture Your Culture: Innovating Experiences @ Work (Emerald Group Publishing, 2018), founder of Future of Work platform A New HR, executive coach, and instructor at Stanford University’s Continuing Studies Program.

She enables decision-makers to address organizational challenges that affect business performance, including leadership, company culture, talent optimization, and change management. A former corporate executive, Karen is known as a versatile leader across multiple industries with experience developing, leading, and implementing numerous organizational initiatives around the globe.

She has been featured in Inc., Fast Company, Fortune, Thrive Global, and Protocol, as well as written for publications such as Forbes, Greenbiz, SHRM’s HR People+Strategy,,’s HR Strategy & Planning Excellence magazine, and HR Professional magazine. Karen has a BA in Ethnic and Cultural Studies from Bryn Mawr College and a MA in Social-Organizational Psychology from Columbia University.

Lydia Frank

As Vice President of Marketing, Lydia uses the art and science of strategic storytelling to showcase the incredible power of mentorship in developing employees, transforming organizational culture from the inside out, and ensuring every employee feels connected to and supported by their organization.

Prior to Chronus, Lydia served in a number of marketing roles at PayScale – most recently Vice President of Corporate & Product Marketing – growing it from a disruptive startup to the market leader in the compensation data and software vertical. Previously, she led digital content teams at and MSN.

Lydia is a strong advocate for creating more accessible paths to power for women, people of color, and other historically marginalized groups in the labor market and economy. She has been a frequent speaker and media commentator on this topic and has contributed related content to various publications, including Harvard Business Review, Money, Fortune, TechCrunch.

Lydia holds a BA in Journalism from Central Washington University.

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